In the Lissone’s plant there are high-tech equipments to support

the performance analisys and the test executions

  • Redstamp can execute following standard test


    • Front and rear insurance Test (Allianz Test)

    • Front and rear insurance Bumper test (Allianz bumper test)

    • Front , rear and side Pole test (from 4 to 40 Km/h)

    • Components crash test with Mallet (Drop test) or vehicle simulator “carrellone”’

    • Towing hook test (fatigue and static test)

    • Traction test for material characterizations

    • Climatics test from -40°C to 80°C

    • Ece42 pendulum test

    • Std 581 N.A. Test

    If requests from clients , Redstamp team is capable of managing other complex test, the acquisition and the data analysis, also on the vehicle . In our equipment is available a vehicle simulator called “carrellone” , includes all acquisition signal system , where we can attach and test all components as were mounted on the veihcle . All the test can be execute on the vehicle , on the vehicle simulator or on drop test mallet.